Owning a condominium or other rental property can be a real drain on your time--and usually diverts your attention from your chosen occupation. The more successful condominium associations delegate the constant supervision and unavoidable day-to-day problems of everyday upkeep to competent and successful property managers. Due to the size of a project, budget constraints and lack of time for training, many condominium owners happily use professional property managers to ensure quality management. These owners not only receive more privacy and personal time--but more satisfaction in the management of their projects and communities.

Consider just a few of the time saving services we offer:

Cooperative Property Management has both the talents and staff necessary to assume the worries and problems of management. Our company specializes in condominium management and has associates in accounting, maintenance and law. We can relieve your headaches by managing your properties for you!

Repairs & Maintenance.

A major concern for homeowners is capital assets. Property must be maintained in its current condition--or improved--so that inflation can provide capital gain for the owner. Through weekly or monthly inspection as needed, problems can be solved while they are minor and inexpensive. Preventive maintenance will eliminate reoccuring and/or major repairs. A qualified maintenance staff that works on several properties, for several owners, will save the expense of contract labor called in each "crisis" occuring to a single owner!

Our service does not stop with the collection of homeowner dues. We pay the bills, set up reserves for remodeling, handle payrolls, prepare annual budgets, do taxes and reports, and tailor each system to the individual client. Our computerized systems allow us to provide owners with monthly reports in addition to our annual statement. It sounds complicated--and it is--but our service makes the difference!
Grounds Upkeep & Snow Removal.

The day-to-day upkeep of grounds can be a real headache and backache--or if properly done, can save you time and contribute to the value of your asset. We are able to take care of lawn mowing, edging, pruning, planting, sprinkler systems, pool maintenance, snow removal, clean up and other daily maintenance chores which will keep your property looking like you want it. We use all our own equipment unless the homeowner has negotiated for us to use their equipment. Remember, your property should be the pride of its neighborhood, not the eyesore.

Do you know what protection you need-- where to get it most economically--and how to collect on your claims? We do! Our staff has had years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and will work to make sure you receive the most coverage for your premium dollar. We will also help you decide what coverages are needed--liability, fire, casualty, contents or even coverage for directors and officers!
Government & Taxes.

Bureaucracy is bringing added regulations and taxes to nearly all communities. Are you keeping abreast of all those items affecting your property? We are! We'll help you get a fair valuation on your property--and handle unfair tax increases. Property taxes should not be raised each year by politicians with calculators! We can also keep you aware of zoning changes or other changes in the community which may change your property values.

No two properties are alike. You may not require all the services we offer. Perhaps you only need one of our talents--or perhaps you need them all. No matter what your association requires, we'll tailor our services to meet your specific needs with the objective of increasing your worth.

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